Raven Reyes [Lindsey Morgan] #21: Title pending

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"I'm not keeping busy, Finn. I'm keeping us alive."
“I’ve never watched a woman work so tirelessly and give zero complaints.” -Eliza Taylor
"If Raven doesn't survive, then none of them will. How awesome is that?" -D.P.
"She is such a strong force, this source of literal growth." -spacewalkerravenreyes
"She goes against what the world tells her to do and does what she wants to do." -spacewalkerravenreyes
"She knows too much, she is too capable, too strong and therefore literally became ALIE’s greatest danger/enemy." -spacewalkerravenreyes
“Raven is a boss. She's brilliant. That needs to be seen as sexy on TV.” -Lindsey
“Lindsey "Every Day Is a Photo Shoot" Morgan.”
"She is a fantastic role model for anyone, including myself." - Lindsey
"She never gives up and whatever she faces, she thinks a way through it or at least tries." - Lindsey
"Anyone with struggles of a disability can find solace and inspiration in her strength to endure and conquer.” - Lindsey
"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill
She never seemed shattered. She was a beautiful mosaic of the battles she's won.
She comes out of every trial stronger and more determined than before.
She gets back up when she falls but to me the most novel thing about it was that we saw her fall, we saw her struggle and we saw her preserve
If anyone doubts the presence of innovative female characters on television, show them any Raven Reyes scene and they will change their mind.

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Raven Reyes [Lindsey Morgan] #21: Title pending
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