[Komödie] Cool It Carol! Englisch 1970 AC3 DvDRip Xvid - iND

Cool It Carol! Englisch 1970 AC3 DvDRip Xvid - iND

Two teenagers leave their small village behind and travel to London to make a life for themselves in the big city. Joe (Robin Askwith) convinces his girlfriend Carol (Janet Lynn) he has a job waiting in the motor trade and other connections. They spend the night together in a hotel and are swindled out of their money. Joe has no trouble convincing Carol to become a prostitute, and she continues the practice after landing a job as a successful model. Carol and Joe get work in pornographic films before they consider moving back to the quiet village once again. The seamy side of West End London is graphically illustrated. Jess Conrad, Stubby Kaye, Harry Baird and Pearl Hackney also appear in this exploitation film.

Titel Orginal: Cool It Carol!
Genre: Komödie
Format: avi
Laufzeit: 97 Min.
Sprache: englisch
Hoster: Uploaded.to
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Auflösung: 704 x 398 / 1881 Kbps
Video Stream: DvD
Audio Stream: AC3
Video Codec: xvid
Größe: 1,42 GB
Parts: 3 Dateien
Passwort: Ferkel



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[Komödie] Cool It Carol! Englisch 1970 AC3 DvDRip Xvid - iND
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